Our cheese is made from our own cows’ milk. First the milk is pumped through an underground line from the dairy to the cheese plant to fill the 1500 L vat.  Then the milk is pasteurized and cooled to the right temperature. No preservatives or colours are added.

Culture and rennet are added to the vat and stirred in gently.  Then the milk is left to form a curd.

The stirring and cutting begins.  Some whey is let out, the temperature brought up and the curd is cut some more. This is done one more time then the curd is left to rest and ripen. Then the whey is drained off and the curd is packed into moulds. Half is seasoned to make spiced cheese.

The moulds are turned upside down and let rest for a few minutes. Then the cheese is taken out and flipped. Then put back in the mould. Now the cheese is ready for pressing.

After about five hours the weight is removed and the lids of the moulds taken off. The cheese rests at room temperature for a few hours. Then goes in the brine bath to soak up some salt and form a good rind. (pictured below) After the brine bath it needs a day per side to dry.

A large part of cheese making is ....... cleaning!


Once the cheese has had a day to dry on each side, it is coated. First on one side – left to dry, and then on the other side. This is done on three times for each cheese.

When the coating process is finished, the cheese needs to be kept in the ripening cooler for a few months to age until it is ready to eat. (pictured below)



We also process goat gouda using milk from a local goat herd.

Think of cheese as a living, breathing piece of geography on which even the water and soil have an effect.  A true product of the land.